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Upgrade Your Surgical Position

If you are truly focused on improving patient outcomes, it is time to change your position. Many positioners today are ancient technology that tend to violate the sterile field or potentially cause injury. The problem- Doctors, nurses and administrators aren’t always aware of the possible risks their current equipment could be causing. Positioning does matter, upgrade to Match Grade Medical Surgical positioning equipment.

The Significance of Patient Positioning.

Although you may not spend much time thinking about patient positioning, we do. It is the foundation to every procedure. Doctors, staff, administrators and patients want the fastest possible recovery times without complications. Advances in equipment and proper positioning make procedures run more efficiently, as well as reduce cost, improve turnover, and help to reduce postoperative complications.

Versatile, solid, and easy to use, the patent pending Broadhead Pegboard System is designed to alleviate pressure against the patient and offer radiolucency without sacrificing strength.

Mounted inside or outside the sterile Field, the Broadhead Mini Surgical Pegboard System is the versatile solution to arthroscopic patient positioning.

Match Grade offers a full range of accessories that offer versatility for multiple applications. Accessory kits include Total Joint, MIS, Bariatric and other orthopedic positioning options.

The patented Fieldloc Mounting System secures to the table rail before the sterile field is created and protects drapes from damage while keeping all sterile components within the sterile field.

The patented Solorail Knee Positioning System is the only full range knee positioning system that respects the integrity of the sterile field and allows MIS techniques.

The Ladderloc Leg Positioning System is the upgrade from a familiar design. Used with our patented Fieldloc mounting base, this system brings innovation and durability to a known functional form.

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